Fortran break statement

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Download Fortran break statement

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Jun 5, 2010 - It seems that your sequential code has a dependency that makes it unsuitable to being made parallel. Suppose that there are multiple values of i & j

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fortran break statement

Note though that unlike most languages, Fortran's do loop is actually the same as the structure (such as a break statement) that allows termination of the loop.In addition, there are two related Fortran 90 statements that can make some DO constructs simpler, the CYCLE and EXIT statements. The earliest form of the DO Loops (DO, DO WHILE, EXIT, CYCLE). Types of loop statements. Running index (For-loops). Condition-based (While-loops). FOR-loops (Fortran: DO-loops). Jump to Simple statements - EXIT will leave a loop. CONTINUE can be used to end an archaic DO loop when it would otherwise end on an IF . CYCLE will

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0Fortran 90 has six relational operators: <, <=, p .. 0Fortran 90 has the SELECT CASE statement for. S .. 0The EXIT statement brings the flow of control to. The CYCLE and EXIT statements specify that the remaining statements in the current iteration of a particular active (enclosing) DO loop are to be skipped. Looping control structures in a FORTRAN 77 program. Control structures alter the normal sequential flow of a statement execution. Loops allow the a block of . The program will not break out of this loop until MONTH has a legal value. The EXIT statement provides a way to leave a do or do while loop before all the iterations of that loop are finished. This statement was introduced in FORTRAN Fortran 77 has only one loop construct, called the do-loop. until loops you also use the do-enddo construct, but you have to add a conditional exit statement.

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